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Check the times of the highest tides in Europe at the Mont-Saint-Michel and all along the coast.

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Etretat - L'aiguille (Seine-maritime)

Tide timetables in Normandy

The Navy’s Hydrographical and Oceanographic Service has a complete list of tide times in Normandy on its website which you can access by clicking here.





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Abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel - Vue sur la baie (Manche)

Spring Tides at the Mont-Saint-Michel

The highest spring tides in Continental Europe are at the Mont-Saint-Michel and they are an unforgettable spectacle! At the lowest tide the sea is 15km from the shore. The tide comes in at the speed of a galloping horse with the sea level rising by 15 metres between low and high tide. It is therefore highly recommended that you check out the tide times before venturing out on the beaches. To watch the tide come in, we recommend that you get to the Mont-Saint-Michel about 2 hours before high tide.

A walkway makes the village accessible year round, except for a few hours every year when there are exceptionally high tides and when the Mont becomes an island once more, fully surrounded by the sea. An amazing natural show to watch from the Mont and its ramparts, the Abbey open square, but also from the bridge or further afield in the bay at La Roche Torin in Courtils, at Grouin du Sud in Vains-Saint-Léonard at at the Gué de l’Epine in Val-Saint-Père.

The Mont-Saint-Michel Tourist Office has a calendar on its site showing the periods when the tides are most spectacular. Click here to see the calendar.


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Le Vieux Moulin - Vernon (Eure)

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Débarquement de Normandie - GI's à l'entraînement

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