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Normandy is a destination to visit all year round.

© Thierry HOUYEL

Parc Naturel du Cotentin et du Bessin (Calvados - Manche)

In the spring months of April and May, when the apple blossom flowers, the countryside is magical and the many gardens which open, come into their own. From June to August, the seaside calls. At harvest time in September and October, there are many food festivals and local produce from seafood to apples are on the menu. The winter months are quieter but spectacular too.

The climate in Normandy is oceanic with a strong maritime influence, typically mild and relatively humid. Average temperatures are around 5°C/ 41°F in winter and 20°C/ 70°F in summer.

Between November and March, there can be rare snowy periods which only last a few days.



© Pierre JEANSON

Le Vieux Moulin - Vernon (Eure)

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Débarquement de Normandie - GI's à l'entraînement

(c) Yuri Arcurs - Fotolia