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Walking Impressionist footpaths

Change down a gear and find out about Impressionism in a different way: on foot!

Throughout much of Normandy – at Giverny, Dieppe, Fécamp, Honfleur, Port-en-Bessin or Gréville – a network of circular rural or urban walks has been created. These walks allow you to explore places where the Impressionists worked in the open air. By following in their footsteps, you will discover some magnificent and surprising landscapes.

© Andrea Sölter

Falaise d'Etretat

Rural walks

Around Dieppe

  • Impressionist hikes along the cliffs: Pourville-Dieppe and Pourville-Vastérival

Around Fécamp

  • Monet vertigineux (Breathtaking Monet), Guided cliff top walk

Around Caen

  • Walking route: Neo-Impressionism, embodied by the painters Georges Seurat and Paul Signac’s visit to Port-en-Bessin

Around Cherbourg

  • Hague Cape, with the Goury lighthouse and the Nez de Jobourg (Jobourg Point)

Around Giverny

  • ‘In Monet’s Footsteps’ circular path


Town walks

In Dieppe

  • ‘Dieppe and Impressionist Period Artists’ Guided tour

In Fécamp

  • ‘Maupassant and the Impressionists’ Guided tour
  • ‘Fécamp in Impressionist times’ Guided tour

In Etretat

  • Impressionist Etretat guided tour

In Honfleur

  • ‘In the Footsteps of the Painters’ Guided tour
  • Cross the Pont de Normandie (Normandy Bridge) on foot with its superb panorama of the mouth of the Seine estuary

Between Le Havre and Honfleur

  • Suggestion: climb up to the chapel of Notre-Dame de Grâce to see the view over the estuary, then continue on foot to the Mont-Joli to admire the view over the old rooftops of Honfleur and the Pont de Normandie (Normandy Bridge), before walking down into the old town

In Trouville

  • Guided tour of Trouville
  • A stroll along the boardwalk

In Deauville

  • A stroll along the boardwalk

In Le Havre

  • Impressionist walk from Le Havre to Sainte-Adresse. Suggestion: walk up to the heights of Sainte-Adresse to admire the panoramic view of Le Havre and the bay of the Seine

In Rouen

  • ‘In the Footsteps of the Impressionists’ Guided tour
  • Sunset walk along the banks of the Seine. Suggestion: climb up Sainte-Catherine hill and enjoy the wonderful panorama of Roeun and the meander in the Seine

At Giverny

  • The cultural discovery path, Giverny village


Circuits between town and countryside

Around Dieppe

  • The Jacques-Emile Blanche and the painters of his time path from Offranville to Dieppe

In Seine-Maritime

  • The Seine-Maritime Tourist Board has put together five Impressionist itineraries in Dieppe, Fécamp, Etretat, Rouen and along the valley of the Seine. These circuits highlight the main themes portrayed by Impressionists: holiday resorts, the sea, the river, and the transient light on the estuary. The routes follow in the footsteps of Monet, Pissarro, Boudin, Eva Gonzales and Renoir. Illustrated panels, each featuring a work by a painter with a commentary, are installed at the exact point where the artists painted. While it is possible to follow the circuits in each town on foot, it is preferable to have a car for getting from one town to the next.



Vieux gréément en Normandie


Musée des Impressionnismes, Giverny (Eure)

© Thierry SENI

A la conquête du Mont-Saint-Michel en ULM (Manche)