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Alençon Business Events, Destination Normandy

Located where the regions of Normandy, paris and pays de la loire meet, Alençon is an easily accessible southern norman town. it offers a peaceful setting with a rich heritage. This is also a dynamic place specialising in cutting-edge sectors such as home automation and plastics manufacturing. It makes a fine destination for professional gatherings.

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Alençon - Halle au Blé

With its excellent location and infrastructure, Alençon is an extremely attractive place to hold your business gatherings or seminars. The former Halle aux Toiles stands out in the heart of town, completely renovated to host events for groups from 15 to 500 people. Or consider Anova Exhibition Centre, an exceptionally flexible space for putting on exhibitions or receptions. Then there’s the brand-new Le Satellite, offering a turnkey solution for your seminars.

Be it for a conference, a work gathering or a business reception, the team at Alençon Business Events, with its expertise in putting together projects, can provide you with a whole range of tailor-made options to ensure that you put on a unique event.

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The main venues around Alençon:

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Halle aux toiles

La Halle aux toiles

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Le satellite by Anova


Château des requêtes - Alençon

Le Château des Requêtes

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Halle au Blé

La Halle au Blé

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Espaces Affaires

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