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Destination Dieppe-Maritime in Normandy

Two hours from Paris and connected to britain by ferry, the Dieppe region is very tempting, offering a concentrated taste of Normandy, boasting an exceptional architectural, natural and maritime heritage that inspired the greatest impressionists.

Dieppe-maritime enables you to benefit from a wide choice of possibilities.

Port de Plaisance © OT Dieppe-Maritime

Port de plaisance Dieppe

After a seaside resort in which to organise a professional gathering?

Dieppe-Maritime possesses a variety of venues capable of hosting professional get-togethers of all sorts, making it an interesting destination for business tourism.

Making the most of its proximity to the capital, the area offers diverse options for organising your meetings: hotels well adapted to business gatherings and seminars, or to corporate entertainment; a theatre hosting professional meetings; restaurants capable of catering to large numbers, be it for corporate meals, cocktails or an evening’s entertainment.

There are so many possibilities here for welcoming you and your teams in the best of ways.


© OT Dieppe-Maritime

Office de Tourisme de Dieppe

For further information, advice, or an estimate...

With our team’s excellent knowledge of the best partners in the Dieppe-Maritime area, we will be delighted to put our expertise to use to make your projects come true.

Contact the Office de Tourisme Dieppe-Maritime

Sarah DUFOUR - In charge of promotion & marketing :
Tel: +33 (0)2 32 14 40 48

Estelle BUQUET - In charge of customer services: estelle.buquet@agglodieppe-maritime.com
Tel: +33 (02) 32 14 40 67


The major venues in the Dieppe-Maritime area:

© Casino de Dieppe

Casino Partouche Dieppe

© Mercure Dieppe

Hôtel Mercure La Présidence

© L'Europe Hôtel

Hôtel de l'Europe

© Ibis Dieppe

Hôtel Ibis Dippe Val Druel

© Golf de Dieppe

Golf de Dieppe

© OT Dieppe-Maritime Jean Decaux

Hippodrome Dieppe

© OT Dieppe-Maritime Jean Decaux.jpg

Château de Miromesnil

© OT Dieppe-Maritime Jean Decaux.jpg

Salle Ango Dieppe

© Les Bains Dieppe

Salle congrès Dieppe