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Calvados Expérience

Calvados Expérience plunges you into a multi-sensory world, exploring that most Norman of elixirs, Calvados apple liqueur. Following the trail via a series of themed rooms, discover more about the history of Calvados and its mysterious transformation of Eden’s original fruit into a precious spirit !

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Calvados Expérience - Pomme

Fall under the spell of Calvados…

Set in the heart of Normandy, on the site of one of the oldest Calvados houses, Calvados Expérience proves an extraordinary attraction.

On your multi-sensory voyage, travel through the centuries, from the time of the Normans’ ancestors, the Vikings, to the present day. Learn and see how the area’s apples are magically turned into Calvados, the product then travelling so successfully from the region’s orchards right across the world.

This unique Experience in France reaches its height with a sublime tasting, plus enjoy the rare opportunity to make the most of the largest range of Calvados ever offered.

©Calvados Expérience

Calvados Expérience - Bouteille

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